Hello! My name is Julia Métraux – I'm a freelancer, an editorial assistant (contract) at Narratively, and an editorial fellow at The Mighty. I'd love to write for you – please email me at juliametraux@gmail.com. I'm also very passionate about French and education.

My work has been published in Narratively, The Tempest, Alma, Briarpatch Magazine, JSource, Jewish Women's Archive, Rooted in RightsStreetsblog, GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine, Shameless Magazine (print), BUST, and The Bark.

Clips on this website are some of my personal favorites, you can check out more of my writing on my Contently. You can also sign up for my very sporadic newsletter.

Some fun facts about me:

1. I'm bilingual! I speak English and French

2. I love writing about a wide range of topics – some of my main beats are disability, pop culture, leftist activism, and chronic illness. 

A Program that Welcomed Scholars Fleeing Nazi Germany Still Harbors Academics in Exile

Turkish scholar Nazan Bedirhanoglu traveled to the United States after submitting a dissertation for her Ph.D at Binghamton University. Four days before she was set to return to her native Turkey, Bedirhanoglu received the news that she had been blacklisted by the Turkish government. Knowing that her passport would be confiscated if she returned to Turkey, Bedirhanoglu has been in the United States since the summer of 2016.

The Secret Order of Swiss Medical Saviors

Georges Delaloye was hiking up Mont de l’Arpille in Martigny, Switzerland, when he received a gift from heaven. “I settled at the foot of a tree and began to write,” Delaloye recalls of this most memorable moment in June of 2005. “Once this writing was completed, when I read it again, I discovered, a little stunned, that I had received the Secret.” Delaloye is a Reciter of the Secret. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, many people call on these Faiseurs de Secret when they have an injury, sickness or other health concern. In an extremely old practice — dating back to the Middle Ages — people visit the Reciters (or more often these days, call or even text) to ask for a prayer that will relieve them of their ailment.

The new Jewish left

On October 30, as dusk gathered on the soccer field at Toronto’s Dufferin Grove Park, hundreds of Jews and their allies congregated, holding candles and each other’s hands. They were mourning the loss of 11 people who were shot to death at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh three days before. The vigil was hosted by the Toronto chapter of IfNotNow (INN), an organization working within North American Jewish communities to end support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

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