College Corps Will Help Students Who Help Others | Richmond Pulse

College Corps Will Help Students Who Help Others San Jose State University student Fernando Martinez is set to take part in a new program that gives students money for college in exchange for public service. (Screenshot captured by Julia Métraux / Richmond Pulse) A new state-funded program aims to engage California’s undergraduate students in service in their communities while offsetting some financial costs. Undergraduates from 48 participating community colleges and universities will be abl

How journalists can cover school board meetings without spreading conspiracy theories

One of Anna Lynn Winfrey’s duties as a staff writer at the Montrose Daily Press in Colorado is covering school board meetings for the rural Montrose County School District. This year’s meetings have been more contentious than ever. As multiple school board candidates asserted that they were running to take critical race theory out of Montrose County schools — even though critical race theory is not taught there — Winfrey faced a dilemma: How would she report on the misinformation being spread w

Greek Life Is Even More of a Public Health Threat During COVID-19

As the fall semester speeds into full swing, some chronically ill and disabled students are becoming increasingly concerned about how the campus life that others are enjoying could be putting their lives at risk. Potential superspreader events such as fraternity parties are becoming more frequent during the fall, while online classes are no longer an option for those who are more vulnerable at some universities like the University of California, Berkeley.

West Contra Costa Board of Education Discusses Anti-Vaccine Protestors on Campuses

Following the West Contra Costa Board of Education’s decision to pass a COVID-19 vaccine mandate at its previous meeting, COVID-19 testing and vaccines remained a key issue at the Oct. 6 meeting. During the month of October, 10 high schools and middle schools will host vaccine clinics for students ages 12 and older who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Members of the board did not clarify whether teachers and other qualifying students could receive booster shots from these clinics.