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States could help disabled people survive climate change—by working with them

During the 1960s, disability activists fought for the right to live independently, rather than in institutions like nursing homes. That led to the first Center for Independent Living: a hub serving and largely run by people with disabilities, established in Berkeley, California, in 1972—now one of 403 locations across the country. CILs help disabled people live at home who might otherwise have been institutionalized, in part by connecting them with resources like state programs to fund home care

Why People Love Their Chaotic, Misbehaving Cats

Sarah Chavera Edwards and her family adopted a cat over a year ago from a shelter in Arizona. While the cat, named Houdini, now trusts Chavera Edwards and her family, he still sometimes scratches and gets scared easily. “We love him anyway and celebrate his slow progress,” says Chavera Edward. “He’ll never be a super affectionate lap cat, but he’s funny, fierce and independent.” Before and during COVID-19, cats and their quirky, misbehaving ways brought joy to their owners’ lives. In fact, a s

The 10 best books to understand the climate crisis, according to experts

• Educating yourself about climate change can help you evaluate your relationship with the planet. • We talked to climate scientists Elizabeth M. Cook and Logan Brenner for their book recommendations. • These books cover climate activism as well as how cities, food, and fashion impact global warming. Reading news about how we have less than a decade to try and prevent irreversible, devastating climate change can be daunting, especially if we want to find ways to limit our carbon footprint or g