The dangers and privileges of being a white Jewish journalist

When Rebecca Long, a white Jewish journalist, started working as the digital content editor at the nonprofit Jewish Women’s Archive, she was stunned at the level of antisemitic harassment that targeted the nonprofit’s social media accounts. “I started my position in 2018, during the Trump presidency, and having to Google the symbol of a swastika to then add it to blocked symbols on Instagram comments was hard,” she said.

How a project is training incarcerated people to become journalists

When journalist John J. Lennon got an idea for a book, he found an incarcerated person, who had only given a few interviews, trusted Lennon to tell his story. The reason? Lennon himself is incarcerated at Sullivan Correctional Facility in New York state. “He knows I know his struggle, and he knows no journalist will treat him more fairly than me,” Lennon said. Lennon, who has bylines in publications like The Guardian, The Washington Post and Vice, is an incarcerated journalist and an adviser o

How COVID-19 exposes a disability reporting gap

When reporting on disability, a May 2020 update to the Associated Press Stylebook suggests asking subjects whether they prefer identity-first language or person-first language. But many articles still make presumptions about how disabled people identify and how their disability impacts their lives. Writers and editors say the industry sorely lacks disability representation, even as COVID-19 pushes disability-rights topics like accessibility and mail-in voting to the forefront.

Deaf and hard of hearing journalists need support from their newsrooms

In 2016, I was covering a student council meeting at McGill University for The McGill Tribune. It was just two days after after the American presidential election. That council meeting itself was not incredibly noisy, but next door, the socialist club had a meeting on plans for resisting the Trump presidency, and they created a lot of background noise. For many journalists, this wouldn’t be a big issue. But I was born with a mild to moderate hearing loss, so I do not know what life would be like with perfect hearing. I have trouble hearing from a distance, whispers and when there is substantial background noise.